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Living herbs inject a natural splash of colour to your kitchen and infuse the room with a divine aroma. The zesty, homegrown flavour of Poppin Pods packs a punch and will take a simple dish to one that wows your family and friends. But what makes Poppin Pods ultra-special? Find out here.

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Longer Lasting

Poppin Pods are living plants with the roots still intact – so they won’t wilt, discolour or become limp as quickly as pre-cut herbs can. Better yet, our pods feature WellTech technology – which helps to retain water, giving you happy, healthy herbs for longer.

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Fully Grown, Ready to Enjoy

You don’t need a green thumb to enjoy the living goodness of Poppin Pods. We’ve done all the growing for you – so they’re ready to enjoy straight away. Once you’ve consumed each pod of herbs, simply recycle then pick up a new pod of your choice next time you’re in-store.

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Drip-free, Mess-Free

Our pods have been designed without the drip holes that are characteristic of potted herbs. It’s all thanks to our SpillGuard technology, created to help you on your way to clean living.

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Mix & Match

The choice is all yours – you decide which herbs you’d like to pop into your shell. Once you’ve worked your way through each pod, simply replace it with a new pod next time you're in store. And because Poppin Pods has been stylishly designed for the kitchen, fresh herbs will always be at your fingertips.

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Bursting with Homegrown Flavour. Packed with Nutrients.

The flavour and nutritional value of pre-cut herbs diminishes from the moment they are harvested. But because Poppin Pods herbs are still living, simply cut the amount you require as and when you need it, for maximum nutrients and the flavour of homegrown. No preservatives, no additives, just the real deal. Rest assured, once you try Poppin Pods herbs in your favourite recipes, you won’t want to go back!