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At Poppin Pods, we place the customer at the heart of everything we do. We are passionate about finding new and enhanced solutions that promote simplicity, enhance vitality and reduce food wastage.

We believe that the community should have access to fresh, quality produce that lasts. Produce that is free from preservatives, nasty additives and which doesn’t wilt, discolour or become limp within a day or two of popping it into the shopping trolley. And when it comes to taste and nutrition, nothing beats a freshly picked piece of fruit, vegetables or herbs straight from the garden. But not everyone has a green thumb, a backyard or the time, patience or desire to get their hands dirty.

This is what led us to create Poppin Pods. Our NEW range of living herbs is testament to our commitment to challenge the status quo in an effort to give customers better choice. This commitment is the reason why when our customers speak to us, we listen. Our lines of communication are always open – and we’re wholeheartedly devoted to ensuring you get the very best in longer-lasting fresh herbs. That’s our promise to you.


Poppin Pods Who Are We.jpg