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Poppin Pods is a revolutionary new concept that overcomes all the issues currently facing consumers and retailers with fresh herbs.


Cut Herbs are losing nutritional value from the time they are cut and die in the fridge within days of purchase.



Tubed Herbs, the newest item to the market, contain around 50% preservatives which defeats any fresh message.

Dried Herbs are a lottery. We are no told where they are harvested. Nutritional value? What are the additives? We have little visibility into what we are eating.


Potted Herbs, these are the answer. They are 100% fresh and provide maximum nutritional value, however, they are messy, unorganised and need a green thumb to keep alive. 

Poppin Pods takes all the advantages of each of these, removes the disadvantages and provides this revolutionary new concept that everyone will be using in the future.

However, Poppin Pods is far from just a fresh herb solution. We will soon be releasing many more new products that will end up seeing us as the standard for all indoor herb and flower gardens.

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