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4 December 2013

Poppin Pods to launch with Longer Lasting Fresh Herbs

A new range of fresh herbs – Poppin Pods - is set to launch in selected David Jones and Norton Street Grocer stores across Sydney this Thursday 5 December 2013, providing a longer-lasting alternative to pre-cut herbs which are prone to premature wilting and discolouration.

Poppin Pods is a modular system that lets you choose up to three ‘pods’ of living herbs to display in a stylish yet compact window unit. The pods are designed to be enjoyed then replaced, giving the customer flexibility to mix and match in accordance with their preferences and usage.

Each pod of herbs is a fully-grown living plant - with the roots still in tact. The clever pod design retains water, keeping herbs happy and healthy for longer, with no green thumb needed. Although they are still living, Poppin Pods herbs are mess-free - thanks to the absence of drip holes and gridded feet for spill prevention.

There are five window display options to choose from - rustic, galvanized and white tin, eco bamboo and timber. The wonderful range is not only stylish, it’s also complementary to any home.

Adam Stott, Chief Executive Officer at Poppin Pods says “we’re delighted to announce the launch of Poppin Pods in a bid to overcome the pain points commonly experienced with pre-cut and potted herbs - such as premature wilting and spoilage as well as unwanted mess.

“The stylish design of Poppin Pods offers something for every taste – from the rustic to the contemporary kitchen. A great Christmas gift, Poppin Pods means that the goodness of living herbs is always at your fingertips”, Stott said. Madeleine Taylor, David Jones General Manger for Food and Home said “the introduction of Poppin Pods to our product line-up demonstrates our commitment to offer the very best in gourmet produce in our Food Halls. We are incredibly excited to be bringing such a fresh and exciting concept to our customers”.

The launch range will include ten popular culinary herbs - Basil, Coriander, Parsley, Mint, Rosemary, Dill, Thyme, Sage, Chives, Rocket (Arugula), with Tarragon soon to be offered.

Poppin Pods will be available from exclusive grocery stores including David Jones Market Street and Norton Street Grocer Bondi Junction from 5 December 2013. Further roll-out is planned for the new year.

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