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Do Poppin Pods herbs really last longer than pre-cut herbs?

As Poppin Pods are actual living plants with the roots still intact, they naturally last longer than pre-cut herbs – which are prone to premature wilting and discolouration.

In addition, our pods have been uniquely designed with WellTech technology built-in, which helps to retain water – keeping the herbs alive for longer.

How long do Poppin Pods herbs last?

The expected shelf life of our herbs varies according to the herb variety – as well as how much sun and water they receive. We recommend you place them in a sunny position and give them a splash of water every two days, to keep them happy and healthy for longer.

Don’t I get the same nutritional value from pre-cut herbs, found in the supermarkets?

As is the case with fresh produce, the flavour and nutritional value of herbs begins to diminish from the moment they are cut or picked. Consider this in the context of the distribution timings from farm to market.

Poppin Pods herbs are living plants – with the roots still intact. This means that their nutritional integrity and flavour is preserved right up until you are ready to enjoy them. Simply cut the amount you require for each dish, as and when you need it, for a super boost in essential vitamins, minerals and dynamic flavour.

Aren’t Poppin Pods the same as potted herbs?

Poppin Pods are fully-grown, ready for you to enjoy – no green thumb needed.

Better yet, unlike potted herbs, Poppin Pods are mess-free. Each pod has been uniquely designed without the drip holes that are characteristic of potted herbs, whilst gridded feet and a topsoil surface mess prevent unwanted spillage. It’s all thanks to our proprietary SpillGuard technology.

Once you’ve consumed each pod of herbs, simply place it into the recycling bin and pick up a new pod next time you are in-store – it’s easy.

How do I care for my herbs?

As with any living plant, a touch of TLC goes a long way. We recommend you water your herbs every two days and place them in a sunny position to help keep them happy and healthy for longer.

What herb varieties make up the Poppin Pods range?

Poppin Pods currently offers a range of ten herbs. These include Basil, Continental Parsley, Curly Parsley, Coriander, Mint, Dill, Sage, Tarragon, Rosemary, Thyme as well as Rocket.

I can’t see all the herbs that I like to cook with in your range. Will you be adding other herbs in the future?

Yes, we plan to expand the range to include new herbs in the future. If there is a specific herb that you’re after, please let us know by getting in touch here – we’d love to hear from you.

I didn’t see the full range of shells (window display units) when I was in-store recently. Why not?

The range of shells stocked at each of our retail partners varies. If you have your eye on a particular shell, please click here. Find your preferred shell then click on ‘Locate Stockists’ to find a retailer near you.

Can I remove the handles on each pod of herbs?

Yes – you can remove the handle on each pod. To release the handle, simply press the button marked ‘push’, which is located on the sides of the pod. Then slide the handle away.

Is Poppin Pods recyclable?

Yes – each pod is made using fully recyclable materials. Simply pop the pod into the recycling bin once you’ve consumed each pod of herbs, then pick up a new pod next time you are in-store.

How big are the shells (window display units)?

Approximate dimensions of Poppin Pods shells are 33.5cm (w) x 9.5cm (h) x 11.5cm (d) - making them the perfect size for the kitchen windowsill.