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Aromatic with a crisp texture and a bright, citrusy flavour.

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Healing Properties

Coriander is rich in vitamins A and K. It’s also a wonderful source of vitamin B, C and E as well as potassium. It exhibits antibacterial characteristics and is believed to aid digestion, soothe upset stomachs and help purify the blood.

Works Well With...

Coriander is among the most widely used herbs in the world. It pairs beautifully with lamb, fish, prawns, garlic, chilies, scallops, avocados, ginger, coconut, noodles, fish & soy sauce, mint, parsley, yoghurt and coconut milk. It’s also delicious sprinkled over salads, in quinoa and couscous, salsa, chutneys and guacamole. Coriander is best added to dishes just before serving as heat can reduce its potency. 

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