The patented Poppin Pods system has been developed over two years to address the common problems with buying fresh herbs.  To find out why Poppin Pods is a revolution, check out "Why Poppin Pods".

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Follow these three simple steps to start enjoying longer lasting fresh herbs with Poppin Pods:

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Step 1: Choose Your Shell

Select a window display unit to house your herbs. From bamboo and wood to galvanized tin, our range includes something for the contemporary kitchen to the rustic farmhouse. And because they are intended for ongoing use, our shells are produced using only the highest quality materials.

To view the range of shells that are currently available, click here.

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Step 2: Poppin Some Pods

Choose up to three ‘pods’ of living herbs from our range. Then, pop them into your chosen shell and sit it on your kitchen windowsill. The best part is - each pod of herbs is mess-free, fully-grown and ready for you to enjoy right away. Just a splash of water and a little sunshine from time to time will help keep them happy and healthy for longer.

Our range of herbs is always expanding and because they are Australian-grown, may evolve with the seasons. To find out what’s currently on offer, click here.

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Step 3: Enjoy Then Replace

Once you have consumed each pod of living herbs, simply recycle the individual pod then pick up a new pod next time you’re in-store. Pop it into the shell and away you go again! 


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